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This Summer 2020, students came together to participate in classes taught by 16 premiere performers and pedagogues and 22 guest speakers in our field.

With REPLAY of these sessions, you get all the knowledge at your fingertips plus big thinking about your life and career.


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Session 1

Get the REPLAY from our first session with Richie Hawley, Jackie Glazier, Jeff O'Flynn, Ralph Skiano and Tiffany Valvo

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Session 2

Faculty in this session includes Nicolas Baldeyrou, Lawrie Bloom, Ixi Chen, Pascual Martinez, André Moisan and Mark Nuccio

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Session 3

This REPLAY from features faculty
David Gould, Diana Haskell,
Chris Pell, Anton Rist and Amy Zoloto

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What you'll get with each option:

+ Immediate access to the videos from the Session(s) or bundle purchased
+ Continued access to the classes through Sept 1, 2020
+ All course PDFs
+ Ability to request Live Lessons at a discount


Want a peek inside? Check out this preview video: 


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Each session contains over 30 hours of learning, packed into one organized course. Deep insights into the technique of clarinet, practice habits, auditioning, excerpts, performance, as well as an exploration into various careers and industry... get it all from home! 

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