Are you classical musician trying to create a sustainable and fulfilling career in music?

In addition to running the Digital Clarinet Academy, we run Music360, which helps musicians develop the many layers of YOU that are necessary to build a career YOU love! Music360 provides resources and training in artistry, business skills, wellness and so much more. 


If you're: 

in school and ready to build a more holistic skill set & get access to a wide-range of resources to build a career in music 

► a pre-professional and looking to build your career, wellness and life as a musician

► a professional musician working in the field and want support and resources to keep developing your career while getting access to new resources and wisdom

► a lifelong learner and are interested in cool stuff, love music, and want to join in the fun!


then you should visit us over at Music360! 


Explore Music360

We believe a career in music is not an unstable path where the odds are stacked against you, but instead it is a rich and incredible opportunity to share your skills & talents with the world in creative ways. 

Visit us at Music360
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Co-directed by us, professional clarinetists Ixi Chen and Dr. Tiffany Valvo, the Digital Clarinet Academy has become the most trusted place to take your clarinet skills to the next level with world-class digital content and virtual training. Welcome to our virtual home!

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