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I direct the Digital Clarinet Academy, which has become the most trusted place to take your clarinet skills to the next level with world-class digital content and virtual training!
Along with my in-house team, our mission is to bring you incredible resources, empower you on your musical path and connect you with clarinetists from around the world. We're people people and believe that in order to grow at anything, you've got to address many aspects of who you are!
If you're curious, here are a few things we've done around here! 
  • Designed over 20 free downloads, made 1200+ Instagram posts and sent 300+ newsletters

  • Hosted over 300 clarinet masterclasses and workshops on wellness, career & more

  • Curated a digital course with 10 of the best bass clarinetists out there including 200+ videos called The Bass Clarinet Master Course

  • Run¬†three virtual summer programs with 50+ clarinet performers and pedagogues from around the world¬†

  • Brought into the world a practice planner for clarinetists

  • Created an additional platform called Music360 designed to help musician build a career they love including a membership called Thrive¬†


My long-time co-director, Dr. Tiffany Valvo, is author and co-author of much of what you see here. We are so grateful for her time with DCA, and please go sign up for her newsletters here. 

The short of it

I'm a clarinetist in the Cincinnati Symphony, Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and the founder of concert:nova.

Along with DCA interns Citlalmina Hernandez and Tyler Song, as well as featured guests from across the globe, are here to help you build your foundational skills, musicianship and performance ability all while becoming a better human! 

DCA began in 2019 to transform the way people around the world learn the clarinet through the power of the internet. Welcome! We're so happy you're here!

Get the long of it

7 things to know about us!


1. We love what we do

We're here because we want to give you something that opens doors to your learning, that helps you see your musicianship and the world differently and that helps you move forward. Our business is built on YOUR possibilities!  


2. Our Programs Will Change You

We offer programs that will make you better. We design trainings to help you evolve faster and adopt a practice that makes you confident in the creative work you are doing. Our programs seek to help you overcome your doubts and take you to the edge of what you're capable of! 


3. We've Got Your Back

When you find yourself in "resistance", or can't shake those voices of hesitation, fear or insecurity, we will guide you back to your process, your focus, your creativity and always bring you back to trusting your work! 


4. We sell things

Yes, we are a business. We sell training programs, lessons, coaching, consultations, services and design work. Our goal is for everyone to walk away feeling that they got tremendous value, can put lessons into immediate action, and that they signed up with a business that truly cares about them and their dreams. 


5. That's so we can deliver a ton of free educational content

We're committed to creating the best content in the performing arts industry! From free resources on our website, to insights, conversations and support in our community, and tips and strategies on social media and in emails, we want to share our experience and knowledge. Our paid programs also support scholarships for those less able or not in a position to fund their studies. 


6. You can trust us to overdeliver

We're here to go above and beyond for you. We won't just help you show up for yourself, but find your greatness! We'll take you to the edge of possibility and then some.  


7. We are People People

We love our customers and followers. You are the reason we're here! We welcome everyone who wants to do good work, build a powerful network and connect through support and encouragement. We are warm-hearted, but our policy is strict: this is no place for hate, judgement, mean-spirited behavior or dishonesty.

Tell me... what is it your plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


- Mary Oliver

You really wanted those long, detailed bios? Okay fine! 



Born in Taiwan and raised in California, Ixi Chen enjoys an active career as an orchestral player, chamber musician, artistic director, and educator.  Ms. Chen holds the position of Second Clarinet in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and enjoys a versatile and active career as an orchestral player, chamber musician, artistic director, educator and coach. Ms. Chen's commitment to diverse experiences has taken her around the globe. She has performed in music festivals such as the Munich ARD, Aspen, Tanglewood, Evian, Schleswig-Holstein, Rheingau, Jerusalem, Thessoloniki, Saint Petersburg, Mexico City UNAM and the Beijing International Clarinet Festival. 

Assistant Professor of Clarinet at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Ms. Chen is a beloved teacher of students of all ages, running a private home studio of students from age 15-70. As a teacher and coach, Ms. Chen is deeply dedicated to empowering musicians to create the artistic career of their dreams, and develop the personal and business skills to transform their lives.  This holistic approach is delivered through lessons, coaching and Music360, a music performance, career counseling, and entrepreneurial training platform that has created programs like the Digital Clarinet Academy, Thrive and more. 

With her love of chamber music, she founded the chamber ensemble concert:nova whose fusion of traditional and contemporary elements seeks to cultivate a new audience for music, create vibrant community connections and deeper dialogue and understanding. During the ensemble’s 14 seasons, the ensemble has commissioned more than 30 new works, produced 15 regional premieres, and received grants including awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, ArtsWave and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Ms.Chen trained with Rosario Mazzeo, Gary Gray at the University of California Los Angeles, David Krakauer and Ricardo Morales at the Manhattan School of Music, Wolfgang Meyer at the Hochschule fur Musik Karlsruhe, Joaquin Valdepenas at the Aspen Festival and Yehuda Gilad at the University of Southern California. An active presenter and clinician, she presents masterclasses, workshops and talks at universities across the US and abroad. As a Buffet Crampon and D’Addario Artist, Ms. Chen performs exclusively on Buffet Crampon Clarinets and D'Addario Reeds.


Citlalmina Hernandez (Intern) 

Citlalmina is a dedicated clarinetist who started her path in music as part of her culture and traditions in her little town Capulálpam, in Oaxaca Mexico. She became part of the Digital Clarinet Family in 2020 and she decided to come to the United States to do her master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music with Prof. Chen. She continues to learn and improve her craft, taking all possible opportunities to become a better musician and person, to share that passion and experience with others, both as a professor and as a performer. Currently, Citlalmina is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Music Clarinet Performance at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. 

Tyler Song (Intern) 

Originally from Vancouver, Chinese-Canadian clarinetist Ji-Wen Tyler Song in pursuing his Masters in Clarinet Performance at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and received his B.Mus and Graduate Diploma in Performance from the McGill University Schulich School of Music under the tutelage of Todd Cope. As CBC radio‚Äôs 2020 Top 30 Classical Musicians Under 30, his performance of Mozart‚Äôs Clarinet Concerto with the McGill Symphony Orchestra was praised for its ‚Äúenormous sensitivity‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúbeauty of tone production and timbre‚ÄĚ. Offstage, Tyler enjoys improving his mental and physical game through chess and tennis.


Dr. Tiffany Valvo (Ex-DCA Director) 

Tiffany Valvo is a clarinetist, educator, and entrepreneur on a mission to cultivate the next generation of thriving young professionals. She is a marketing professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she teaches students how to expand their digital presence and monetize their skill sets. In her role as the Social Media & Digital Content Specialist for Cal Performances, she creates digital content and strategy to get people excited about watching and supporting the performing arts. 

Big credit goes to her for all she gave to DCA since 2020! She left her role here at DCA/360 in December 2023, but would love you to find her here!   


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