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The 5-Day Long Tone Challenge!

In this download, you'll get 5-days of long tone exercises focusing on a different aspect of clarinet playing each day. 

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Free 7-Day Email Course: Spark Your Potential as a 21st C Musician

Dig into tools, resources and actions that will help you expand your mind and spark your potential as a 21st century musician.

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The 28-Day Scale Reset

Get 28 days of scales, so you don't have to think about what to practice. Let us do that!


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Hi there! We're Ixi and Tiffany.

We're professional clarinetists, professors, note-book lovers and enthusiasts about helping empower you on your musical path. This site is dedicated to supporting your work as clarinetists, musicians, creatives and teachers, no matter your level, age, or career status! We like laughing, as you can see. Tiffany is on the left, Ixi on the right!


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Love the bass?

The Bass Clarinet Master Course

Whether you're gunning for one of those 4 big orchestra spots open right now, or are just getting your feet wet, these 10 distinguished performer/pedagogues will put you on a path of bass clarinet excellence. This epic digital course contains over 200 videos and 200+ pages of resources, lifetime access and a few surprises!

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Our THRIVE membership is at the heart of everything we do. We know that making it as a musicians requires way more than practice - or what they teach in music school. Members explore optimal performance through a blend of technique, wellness, business and career topics. You get live masterclasses with incredible guests, video lessons, community PODs and resources!

Want to grow your own studio?

The Studio Building Masterplan

This modern, exciting, step-by-step course is your guide to building a sustainable and profitable private studio from the ground up. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and watch your studio come alive in 8 short weeks.


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