Take a look around! You'll see training programs, courses on everything from articulating better to building your studio, lessons, coachings, consultations on everything from auditioning to music school to making your website look tip top, services and design work. We're here to go above and beyond for you. 

Bass Clarinet Master Course

A comprehensive video course like nothing else out there! Get a video library from 10 incredible bass clarinetists on topics from the fundamentals to excerpts and beyond. And, enjoy 2 bonus guests! You'll also get over 200 pages of worksheets and resources, and be part of the BCMC community + FB group! Lifetime access to the video library + future updates and bonuses! (We like those... :) 


Mendelssohn Scherzo Quick Win

Take your Scherzo to the next level with some of our favorite tips and exercises related to the excerpt. It's a fan favorite!

Guide to Better Breathing

Arguably, nothing is more important in our playing than our breath. These 10 exercises will get you thinking about ways to expand your air capacity and use more power when you play! 

Articulation Builder

This exercise gets you focused on relaxation - because if you try to tongue faster, you probably have the same experience we all do... it doesn't work! 

Voicing Exercises!

Your tongue needs some amount of flexibility so you can "voice" notes correctly. These exercises help you explore that idea - because let's be honest. It's a little hard to know what's goin' on in there!


Get step-by-step guidance to building the studio you want!

Get effective methods, checklists and strategies that cover everything from business entities, marketing, branding, organization, structure to writing your teaching philosophy, lesson plans and building community.

What's in the course: 
+ 8 Modules of Video Lessons
+ 2 bonus masterclasses on business models and branding
+ Live Group Training (fall 2021)
+ PDF Downloads + Worksheets
+ Group Support 


Private Lesson Offer

$120.00 USD

Mini Course: 6 ways to Thrive as a Modern Musician

Get 6 workshops on how to stack your skills to achieve career success, motivate yourself in the practice room, build your artistic identity, and stay physically and mentally well (as a musician and human)!