Ready to transform your playing, refresh the foundation, and learn from some of the best?!


(Re)work your clarinet foundation! This challenge is made to help you develop your air, embouchure and sound development, posture and position, finger dexterity, articulation, and technical agility in a 4-week, virtual program with live classes and replays. 


Guest Teachers: 

Ralph Skiano, Kim Cole Luevano, John Bruce Yeh & Mariam Adam


Weekly focuses: 

 ⭐ WEEK 1: Air, Embouchure & Tone

 ⭐ WEEK 2: Finger Dexterity & Technique

 ⭐ WEEK 3: Articulation

 ⭐ WEEK 4: Flexibility & Expansion


Happening June 12–July 7 with 3 lessons + 3 live sessions per week with replays.


The Orchestral Bass Clarinet Summer Session is a virtual, week-long intensive designed for bass clarinetists that are ready to get a foundational reset, talk excerpts, and understand what it takes to be an orchestral bass clarinetist taught by Lawrie Bloom (Chicago Symphony Orchestra, retired) and Amy Zoloto (Cleveland Orchestra).


During the session you will: 

⭐ get exercises and ideas to refine your sound, articulation, voicing and more 

⭐ learn how to approach orchestral excerpts including a session on Strauss and on the NY Phil’s Round 1 List 

⭐ have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time and sign up to play in masterclasses


Happening June 26-30 for 90 minutes per day with replays.


Plan your summer & track your practice!

Download the Summer 2023 Practice Tracker Spreadsheet

Summer can disappear in an unfocused blur. That's good somedays! But, maybe not for the whole summer. ;) Start to get your summer plans and practice in order with this fillable spreadsheet! We even include some ideas for ya. :)   


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