Our Summer Sessions have ended!

You can still see every minute of every class with DCA REPLAY. All 3 Sessions include downloadable course PDFs, chamber music and bonus videos, as well as unlimited replay through Sept 1. Add-on live lessons are also available!




The DCA Summer Sessions 2020

The Digital Clarinet Academy is pleased to offer the DCA Summer Sessions for online summer study. This is an opportunity for clarinetists from all over the world to study with premiere faculty in week-long workshops, without having to leave home.


S E S S I O N   O N E  :  J U N E  1 - 5,  2 0 2 0
S E S S I O N   T W O  :  J U N E  1 5  - 1 9,  2 0 2 0  
S E S S I O N   T H R E E  :  J U L Y  1 3 - 1 7,  2 0 2 0 

D C A  R E P L A Y

Didn't sign up in time? or have a conflict? Never fear,
DCA Replay
is here. See every minute of every class, download course PDFs and add-on live lessons are available. 


Top Faculty

DCA's Summer Sessions connect you with today’s finest performers and pedagogues for a concentrated week of clarinet.


Daily Schedule

Private lessons, master classes, technique classes, plus business and industry "field trips" are featured throughout the week.


5-Day Intensive

Every day is specifically designed to help clarinetists of all levels develop your musical voice and master your craft.

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Two exciting sessions! Happening from 10am to 5pm each day. Get so much knowledge it will melt your face off! 


Attend all events from the safety of your home. Through recordings and online collaboration, all events take place digitally. You just need a device capable of accessing Zoom and making recordings.


We've invited premiere pedagogues from coast to coast and special guests from across the globe to create the content for an exciting and immersive experience.

SESSION 1: JUNE 1-5, 2020

  • Richie Hawley (Rice University's Shepherd School of Music & Music Academy of the West)
  • Dr. Jackie Glazier (University of Arizona's Fred Fox School of Music)
  • Dr. Jeff O'Flynn (Utah Valley University)
  • Dr. Tiffany Valvo (Virginia Commonwealth University) 
  • Ralph Skiano (Detroit Symphony Orchestra)
  • Guests: Brian Corbin, Jason Denner, Dominic Giardino, Ben Haueser, Lee Livengood, Melanie Wong

SESSION 2: JUNE 15-19, 2020

  • Nicolas Baldeyrou (Radio France Philharmonic & Lyon Conservatoire National)
  • Lawrie Bloom (Chicago Symphony & Northwestern University)
  • Ixi Chen (Cincinnati Symphony & University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music)
  • Pascual Martinez (New York Philharmonic & Manhattan School of Music)
  • André Moisan (Orchestre Symphonie Montreal) 
  • Mark Nuccio (Houston Symphony & Northwestern University)
  • Guests: Christine Carter, Tracy Friedlander, Mark Jacobi, Kari Landry, Rob Patterson, Ramon Wadkowski

SESSION 3: JULY 13-17, 2020

  • David Gould (American Ballet Theater, Vandoren)
  • Diana Haskell (St. Louis Symphony)
  • Chris Pell (Cincinnati Symphony & University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music)
  • Anton Rist (MET Opera Orchestra)
  • Amy Zoloto (New York Philharmonic) 
  • Guests: Brad Behn, Kensley Behel, Tomoji Hirakata, Michael Lowenstern, Heather Rodriguez, Wendy Skoczen,  Meghan Taylor, Mike Thornton, Andrea Vos-Rochefort




  • Three 30-minute private lessons with faculty
  • Daily Warmup/Technique class
  • Special Topic Class
  • Faculty Master Classes
  • Business of Clarinet & Q+A Sessions
  • Preparing for a Performance or College Audition Class
  • Access to ALL class recordings
  • Tuition: $450 ($425 early bird)

Conservatory/ College Level

  • Three 45-minute private lessons with faculty
  • Daily Warmup/Technique class
  • Special Topic Class
  • Faculty Master Classes
  • Business of Clarinet & Q+A Sessions
  • Audition Preparation Class & Mock Audition
  • Access to ALL class recordings
  • Tuition: $500 ($475 early bird)
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Why it's special 

This is your chance to meet virtually face-to-face with some of the best performers and teachers today, who will give you a summer experience that will last you a lifetime. Topics don't just go deep with clarinet technique and performance, but includes workshop tours of craftspeople, technicians and manufacturers. Equally important are classes with an emphasis on career building skills, wellness and performance psychology.

AND... you will also receive replay access to the videos, plus be invited to join our DCA community so the week doesn't end on Friday!

How it Works 

Tuition for one week is $450
Tuition for two sessions (TBA) is $400/week 

College + Adult Level 
Tuition for one session is $500
Tuition for two sessions (TBA) is $450/ week

Fees include:

  • Tuition 
  • Access to all classes, plus special topic classes and lectures on various aspects of a musician’s career
  • Chamber music video where you can play with the faculty through digital overlay!

Other participant levels: 

  • Time-Delay Participants are for people who can't make the live classes because of a job or time zone difference.   
  • Auditors can purchase access to the videos, but tuition at this level does not include lessons. 

Read more about the levels of participation.

What To Do Next

Click here to enroll!  Let's get started on preparing you for an unforgettable week of #physicaldistance learning!


Applications must be received by:
SESSION I: May 30, 2020 application deadline (register by May 21 for a $25 discount)
May 21, 2020 scholarship application deadline

SESSION II: June 11 application deadline (register by June 4 for a $25 discount)
June 4, 2020 scholarship application deadline

SESSION III: July 9, 2020 (register by July 2 for a $25 discount) 
July 1, 2020 scholarship application deadline

Limited scholarships are available. Click here for more information and instructions. See below for deadlines for submission. Please only submit an entry for a potential scholarship if it is truly need-based. 


Is there an audition?  

No, an audition is not required for admission to the program. However, submitting a video is required for those interested in playing for a masterclass (along with a $25 fee if accepted), and is also required as part of the scholarship application. 

Have a full time job or live in more than a 3-hour time difference?  

You can still participate in the course as a Time-Delay Participant. Lessons can be scheduled with your assigned teacher at a mutually convenient time! Read more here

Can I audit the sessions? 

Yes. You can audit the course at the rate of $350.


Make incredible connections this summer at the Digital Clarinet Academy Summer Sessions.

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