July 7 & 8



It wouldn't be a summer without a Digital Clarinet Academy summer session! This year we're doing something different - a couple of workshops with a small time commitment and big learning! Check them out and hope to see you there!

Kickstart Your Excerpt Practice!

July 7 & 8, 12-1pm ET

Need we say more than the "E" word?!  In this 2-day workshop for advanced high schoolers and undergraduate students, we'll tackle some of the most popular most-often-asked excerpts from the orchestral repertoire! 



Articulation & Flexibility

July 7 & 8, 2-3pm ET

A 2-day workshop for advanced high schoolers and undergraduate students about the essentials of clarinet articulation, air pressure and flow, and how flexibility can help you crack the articulation code!


While we share daily and weekly tips on socials and email on improving your clarinet playing, we hope you'll join us for a virtual experience where you can get feedback, learn and laugh with us! 

Meet your clarinet coaches,

Ixi & Tiffany!

Ixi Chen & Tiffany Valvo are the co-directors of the Digital Clarinet Academy and Music360. Their shared passion for teaching not only the foundations of incredible clarinet playing and musicianship but also vital concepts like self efficacy skills, goal setting, overcoming failure and wellness brought them together. They are determined to help energize and empower you to reach your goals! 

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We believe the most successful people aren't the most talented! They're the ones ready to jump into action. Hope to see you in the 2022 Summer Workshops!