1. We love what we do

We're here because we want to give you something that opens doors for you, to help you see the world differently and that helps you move forward.

Our business is built on YOUR possibilities!  

2. Our Programs Will Change You

We offer programs that will make you better. We design trainings to help you evolve faster and adopt a practice that makes you confident in the creative work you are doing. Our programs seek to help you overcome your doubts and take you to the edge of what you're capable of! 

3. We've Got Your Back

When you find yourself in "resistance", or can't shake those voices of hesitation, fear or insecurity, we will guide you back to your process, your focus, your creativity and always bring you back to trusting your work! 

You feel "inadequate"?

We won't let you hold yourself back because you're not "perfect" or "enough"

But what will they say? 

We won't let your fear of failure, success or judgement stop you.

I'm not ready

Our growth happens when we step into discomfort and uncertainty. We won't let excuses slow you down! 

4. We sell things

Yes, we are a business. We sell training programs, lessons, coaching, consultations, services and design work. Our goal is for everyone to walk away feeling that they got tremendous value, can put lessons into immediate action, and that they signed up with a business that truly cares about them and their dreams. 

5. That's so we can deliver a ton of free educational content

We're committed to creating the best content in the performing arts industry! From free resources on our website, to insights, conversations and support in our community, and tips and strategies on social media and in emails, we want to share our experience and knowledge. Our paid programs also support scholarships for those less able or not in a position to fund their studies. 

Free Resources

Our website is chock full of practice strategies, tips for shifting your mindset, exercises, challenges and worksheets! 


Our free Facebook groups are a great way to participate in hands-on learning, connect with peers and get great content in your scroll. 

The Newsletter

Delivers weekly pearls of wisdom collected over the years, plus terrific links and insights.

6. You can trust us to overdeliver

We're here to go above and beyond for you. We won't just help you show up for yourself, but find your greatness! We'll take you to the edge of possibility and then some.  

7. We are People People

We love our customers and followers. You are the reason we're here! We welcome everyone who wants to do good work, build a powerful network and connect through support and encouragement. We are warm-hearted, but our policy is strict: this is no place for hate, judgement, mean-spirited behavior or dishonesty.

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