A Reed Rotation for More Consistent Reeds!

Clarinet Reeds

“This one is too hard… and this one is too soft… but this one is jussst right.”  Recognize this line?  We’re not talking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears here.  We’re talking about reeds. 

We’ve all been there - sitting in the practice room for forever trying to find the right reed so we can begin playing.  But what if we told you those days were over?! 


Have you tried this reed rotation system for better reeds?!?

To get the best clarinet reeds, have 3 reed cases or 3 ways to divide the cases you have:

1: old reeds that are nearly dead but will make it through!

2: reeds that are in their prime, they’re broken in, etc

3: new reeds

Constantly rotate reeds between these 3 cases, sending some from case 3 to case 2, etc - AND STARTING NEW ONES WHEN YOU MOVE ANYTHING OUT OF CASE 3!  Keeping each case full is important here!

Reeds are a thing we gotta deal with, so, just deal with um!!


P.S - Once you get this system going, read about how to use A.I.R. to build good habits and guide your practicing!

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