4 Exercises for Better Articulation

A workbook that takes you through the very basics and grows in difficulty so you can conquer this skill with true understanding once and for all!

If we get questions about one thing more than anything else, it's articulation. 


➡️  You're frustrated by it and want to know how to make it better, faster, more effective. 

➡️ In teaching, it's one of the things that often has to be fixed and needs... #work! 

➡️ It can be an elusive part of playing the clarinet for all of us! And, progress can be slow. 


Help is here! 


This guide gives you 4 steps to truly improve the mechanism of your articulation, breaking it down to its VERY basic elements.

1. Understanding air flow vs. air pressure 

2. Developing cooperative independence 

3. Gaining speed 

4. Conquering coordination 


Once you understand how articulation works, and feel how effortless it can feel, you will just be so happy. Praise be! 🙏 

A note from Ixi & Tiffany


Believe us... it's worth getting a true understanding of your articulation! Also, hi! We are Tiffany & Ixi and we're the co-directors of the Digital Clarinet Academy.

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