Welcome to the 28-Day Scale Reset!


We got to thinking... how nice would it be if every day, someone just handed you a packet of stuff to practice? What if you didn't have to think about what scale book to use, or what etudes to play. Sort of like having a chef but... for clarinet! Well, we did that!


In this challenge, you will get:

⭐️ 28 days of downloadable scale packets in every key including scales, etudes, excerpts and more!

⭐️ 4 non-major/minor packets (chromatic, whole tone, improvisation and a flash card set)

⭐️ 3 bonus video lessons on the fundamentals (fundamentals pyramid, articulation & making a practice routine)

⭐️ An invite to our 28-day Scale Reset Facebook group where you will meet other clarinetists, hear from us and where we will pop on live occasionally to inspire and do some live scale sessions!

⭐️ Facts & links to inspiring listening

⭐️ Printable calendar to keep track of your progress 


It is seriously 28+ days of clarinet inspiration! clarspiration... ! That's a new word.

Can't wait to see what the next 28 days brings to your clarinet playing.