“I highly recommend the Thrive membership because it has helped me stay motivated and inspired during my gap year. Each month, two guest artists are invited and we dive into their speciality topic. By discussing a topic in depth that both artists are very passionate about, it has helped me learn valuable information in a more deep-rooted sense. From engaging masterclasses to great PDF resources, the Thrive membership is a fantastic way to keep musicians growing and excelling in their musical careers. ”

“Musician friends, this is such an incredible opportunity that I *highly* recommend! I’ve been working in the DCA programs with professors Ixi Chen and Tiffany Valvo for several months now. The programs that they have passionately created have changed the way I think about practicing, performing, and what it means to thrive as a musician.”

“I would recommend Thrive to anyone looking to amp up their music life, and especially those looking to make music their life-long career. It's great to learn new ideas along with new repertoire each month; it really keeps things interesting! Every guest has something amazing to bring to the table, and it really is a pleasure, and an honor to get to work with these professionals.”

“It was a great experience to be part of the first DCA's summer session. In this program, i discovered the importance of studying and designing a student plan that focuses on personal musical needs. As well as developing new tools and strategies to improve my profile as a musician and person. Thank you to all the teachers for sharing their experiences and their commitment to music. Viva la DCA!"

““I started TBSM thinking I would build a typical teaching studio, but with Ixi and Tiffany’s support, and encouragement (and a healthy dose of worksheets), my focus has shifted from individual music lessons to a community-building website aimed at developing curiosity and creativity in music education. TBSM gave me the practical tools and information."

“The Studio Building Masterplan is hands down the best investment I have made for my career as a private horn teacher. This course is EXACTLY what every new private teacher needs to hit the ground running. Even as someone who already has an established studio, the skills I’m learning with marketing, copy, branding, and digital development are already elevating my studio in exponential ways. TBSM has empowered me to reimagine my potential as an educator and has shown me how to take my teaching, outreach, and impact to the next level."

“The Studio Building Master Plan class has not only helped me streamline and build my own studio, but has helped me focus on my mission and goals. It has greatly fueled my passion for teaching. Ixi and Tiffany have given me so many resources, has helped me develop a professional website and I can focus more on the thing I love, teaching. This class has helped increase my confidence and has given me the foundations to run a successful studio."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, I learned so much and appreciate this outlet you have given me and so many other clarinetists to improve in all areas of clarinet and our musicianship! I've come away from this experience very inspired and motivated to use all the new techniques I've been taught these past two sessions. It was a pleasure having this opportunity during a difficult time in this profession and I am grateful for the people I have made connections with and look forward to incorporating their ideas into my own personal style of playing."

“I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to take part in such an amazing week! I had tons of fun and feel that I gained so much information that will not only help me grow as a clarinetist, but as a musician as well. I am so happy and thankful that I took the opportunity to try something new and to step out of my comfort zone. The faculty and staff was very helpful and gave clear information in lessons, faculty classes, excerpt classes, and in masterclasses. This was my first time ever taking part in a master class and it was an amazing experience. I know it’s definitely the first of many masterclasses to come! I will remember this week for a very long time."

“Wow! What a great experience! I’m an adult amateur clarinet player and enjoy attending clarinet events such as the ClarinetFests, clarinet summer camps and clarinet symposiums at the local universities and military bands. This year, many of the events were cancelled due to the Coronavirus. When I saw that the Digital Clarinet Academy was offering an online clarinet summer session, I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! It was certainly one of the best clarinet events I’ve ever attended."

“What I loved most about the Digital Clarinet Academy Session 1 was making meaningful memories with clarinetists around the world and learning more about the instrument that I love playing."

"I want to thank you, and your team, so much for creating DCA. It was my first experience in a clarinet camp, and though it was online, I still learned and experienced so much. Also, I really appreciate the scholarship you and the faculty gave me, it really means a lot to my family and I that I am able to participate in such an awesome opportunity. From the faculty to the students, I learned so much about the clarinet and just became more passionate about the clarinet and music overall. I am honored to have been in the first session, and look forward to Session 2. This was a clarinet camp to remember!"

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