"I started TBSM thinking I would build a typical teaching studio, but with Ixi and Tiffany’s support, and encouragement (and a healthy dose of worksheets), my focus has shifted from individual music lessons to a community-building website aimed at developing curiosity and creativity in music education. TBSM gave me the practical tools and information I needed to set up and grow my idea while also helping me discover my inspiration and authentic voice."

Justin A.
Associate Professor of Percussion, Virginia Commonwealth University

"TBSM has empowered me to reimagine my potential as an educator and has shown me how to take my teaching, outreach, and impact to the next level. I am forever grateful for programs like Digital Clarinet Academy's Studio Building Masterplan that Tiffany Valvo and Ixi Chen created, who are taking matters into their own hands to educate and empower private music educators with an arsenal of business and marketing skills."

Emily T.
Owner, Emily Toth Studios

"The Studio Building Master Plan class has not only helped me streamline and build my own studio, but has helped me focus on my mission and goals. It has greatly fueled my passion for teaching. Ixi and Tiffany have given me so many resources, has helped me develop a professional website and I can focus more on the thing I love, teaching. This class has helped increase my confidence and has given me the foundations to run a successful studio."

Jake H.
Music Education Student

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