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offers a game-changing combination of vivid digital training, live group coaching, and specialized workshops to catapult you toward rapid advancement.

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The Bass Clarinet Master Course

A digital course with live masterclasses taught by 10 world-renowned bass clarinetists. There may have never been so much bass clarinet in one place! Grab the course and embark on a 10-week adventure with bonuses on playing Bach by Ted Nelson, Auditions by Lawrie Bloom and Amy Zoloto, and Bass Clarinet repair and maintenance by Melanie Wong. 


101 Pieces - A Celebration of Women Composers

This resource compiles 101 works by female composers. It doesn't only list marginalized composers - you can search by title, country, duration, and year written. 


Mini Course: 6 Ways to Thrive as a Modern Musician

6 workshops by 8 incredible artists on how to practice better, find your artistic voice, dive into projects, stack your skills, and so much more. 

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Celebrating Black Artists

A resource of places you can go to find clarinet works by black composers and other resources relating to BIPOC artists and their work. Note: NO EMAIL is required! 

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We did a 3-day Facebook Live series all about our path towards artistry. Check it out!

"Practice to Performance: Show your work!": Rewatch Dec 9 Facebook Live
"Give yourself permission": Dec 7 Facebook Live!
"3 P's of Practice": Rewatch Dec 8 Facebook Live!

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